There’s nothing quite like a Spring project

There’s nothing quite like a Spring project to revitalise your home with something new and totally unique to uplift your space.

Painting made easy. Adding fresh vitality to your home is so simple to achieve, and can be done in a very creative way with the furniture you already own, all in just one weekend with a can of paint.

Most of you will have seen beautiful images of old furniture being brought back to life with a lick of paint on the outside, but have you ever thought about the inside?

How marvellous it is to open up a cupboard or a drawer and find a pop of colour inside. An unexpected surprise and a sheer delight to discover. This is how to make both furniture and interiors memorable and completely unique.

The best news of all is that it’s so easy to re-create the look at home with your furniture. Adding the WOW to a humble old piece of furniture can take it to a whole other level. What’s more it’s totally affordable, sustainable and lots of fun to do.