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Australis Pristine Satin is an Ultra Premium Interior pure acrylic formulated to allow tough everyday stains such as coffee,
red wine & beetroot to be removed almost without trace. It is the best choice for walls, hallways, family rooms & ceilings.
Australis Pristine is easy to apply with no messy spatter and with minimal care will give long lasting service.

Special Features
Water based
Easy to apply and clean up
Excellent Stain Resistance. Most stains can be removed with household cleaner such as Ajax Spray ?n? Wipe* within 30 minutes of contamination
100% acrylic
Long lasting finish

Stain Removal
Pristine 834 Series has been specially developed to assist with the removal of common household stains. Stains such as
coffee, red wine and beetroot may be removed almost without trace, by the use of a damp cloth and a household cleaner,
such as Ajax Spray ?n? Wipe*. It is recommended that stains be removed as quickly as possible, as the longer the stain
remains the more difficult it will be to remove. Stains caused by so-called permanent markers and the like are designed to
make removal difficult, the removal of such stains may not always be possible without causing damage to the coating surface
. In such cases it may be necessary to recoat the affected area.

Areas of Use
Walls, hallways, ceilings, family rooms, bedrooms, laundry and bathroom.

Method of Application
Brush, roller or spray
Satisfactory with most equipment
Observe the State Spray Painting Regulations
Stir well before use using a broad, flat paddle in a scooping motion
Do not apply if temperature is below 10C or likely to fall below 10C during drying
Do not apply if rain is expected or in hot dry conditions

Approximately 16 square metres per litre
Two coat coverage. (Coverage will vary depending on the profile and porosity of the painted surface)

Water ? Use up to 100ml per litre to aid application if necessary in hot, dry conditions.

Drying (25C and 50% Relative Humidity)
Dry to touch 25 Minutes
Recoatable after 2 Hours

Clean Up
Clean all equipment with water.


1 Ltr, 2 Ltrs, 4 Ltrs, 10 Ltrs, 15 Ltrs.
Sample Pots also available.

White/Light/Deep/Extra Bright Bases.


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