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Why use a paint additive?
To overcome paint challenges, without diluting your paint! Under ideal conditions (mild temperatures, average relative humidity, a trouble-free painting surface and a lack of time constraints) a good paint doesn’t really need any help, but in many cases, including additives to paint will maximise your success.

So why blend in an additive to paint? With just about any painting project, you may be faced with weather and surface condition problems or time-to-dry challenges, causing your results to be less than optimal. Some problems include extreme hot or cold temperatures, low or high humidity, extra time needed to complete a special faux finishing effect, or encountering a surface that has excessive chalking or dusting or that is highly porous. These conditions can cause noticeable brush marks in paint, problems with paint not adhering and a general reduction in your painting productivity.

Mixing in Flood? additives to paint helps solve these painting problems by eliminating brush and roller marks on your painting surface and by improving paint penetration and adhesion. Flood additives also allow paints to overcome difficult weather and surface conditions without diluting the paint or changing its color or performance. Trust Flood additives to improve your painting productivity, enrich your paint’s performance and ensure beautiful results.

Oil-Based Paint Additive
Penetrol? is an oil paint additive that helps paint flow more smoothly to eliminate paint brush marks while also allowing you to paint productively in high/low temperature or humid weather conditions. Also helps improve paint and primer surface penetration.


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