Earles Paint Place Marine metal & industrial finishes

Marine Metal and Industrial Finishes

Earles Paint Place are distributers for Akzo Nobel, International, Wattyl, Jotun, Norglass and PPG marine, metal and industrial coatings. Staff are constantly being trained in all coatings to give you up to date advice for any situation. Manufacturer’s reps are available to accompany our staff to visit job sites.



Earles Paint Place MarineThere would be no harsher environment than the marine market, the corrosive nature of the salt and metals, or the extra ultra violet power of the sun when beating through the wet surfaces like that of a magnifying glass.

Earles paint Place has teamed up with NORGLASS, JOTUN, AKZO NOBEL and INTERNATIONAL to give choices when starting a project of this importance.

These companies make single pack and two component products for inside, outside, above and below waterline for all types of vessels, fibreglass, timber, steel, aluminium and Earles Paint Place marine finishesconcrete.

The products stocked and sold by Earles cover the whole spectrum of marine paint right down to the correct anti-fowling for the surface type and speed of hull that spends all its time in the water.

As with all painting projects the end is only as good as the preparation, so it is vital to use the quality fillers, glues, preservatives, primers and undercoats for each system.

Earle’s staff have been trained by all companies to be able to give you the advice needed to turn a technical job into a job that the do-it-your-self painter can tackle.

Boat Clubs

Earles Paint Place hosted a boat day in the Maryborough Shop to raise awareness of the Sandy Straights Coast Guard’s fishing competition.

If you are a part of a boat club and would like to know more about our products and services contact us, we can help make the public aware of your club by hosting displays to increase membership or demonstrations days to help your members.

If your boat club is holding an upcoming event let us know and we will advertise it here and in our nearest shop, plus do anything else we can to help you promote your event.

Industrial Paints

Earles Paint Place PPG IndustrialThis market is not a market you would try without the best of product knowledge and advice. AKZO NOBEL, PPG and JOTUN are also some of the largest industrial suppliers in the world and they did not get that way with-out quality products and systems for all types of industries like the power, sugar, food grad and rail just to name a few.

Our staff will come to your workplace to make sure you have the latest information and tools to get the job done. They can even organize a representative from the manufacturers to give written specifications or advice when something is not as it should be.