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The Story Behind Earle Paints.

Earles Paint Place - George & Ruby Earle

George and Ruby Earle saw the paint industry differently than most paint retailers.

The Earle Paints story began back in 1936 when its founders George and Ruby Earle moved to Maryborough and opened Maryborough Signs.

World War 2 put an end to this but George reopened the business in 1942.

1949 saw the business expand to a retail outlet when stocks were introduced and George with his wife Ruby took over the paint and wholesale portion of local company Corsers, this also secured work for Corsers staff.

It was these staff and the forward thinking of George and his family that laid the foundations for the business as it is today.

George and Ruby saw the paint industry differently than most other paint retailers and were innovators with colour and how they took colour to the customer.

Earles Paint Place - Maryborough Signs

Earle Paints once employed many local painters and painted signs and houses across Queensland. They now concentrate on supplying paint to local contractors and the DIY market.

In fact they were one of the first stores in Queensland to have a colour centre in store to help co-ordinate the best use of colour for the whole house.

This was also the case with actually going to the customer’s home to do colour schemes that take advantage of the houses features to enhance the individual personality of the home and its owner.

The success of this store soon rolled out to other cities, in 1959 George’s son Ray opened his first store in Bundaberg with his brother Les who then went on to open a store in Rockhampton.

Ray then sold the Bundaberg shop in 1965 to concentrate on the growth of the business. Since then Ray, Les and their families have opened stores in Hervey Bay, Yeppoon, North Rockhampton, Kingaroy, Emerald and another in North Rockhampton called The Decorators Paint Place.

Ray’s family Ken and Melissa have put their stamp on the business by bringing fresh ideas and new technology with the aid of computers and industry resources.

All though the faces have changed and the business has grown the fundamentals of caring friendly service, quality up to date advice and a complete range of everything needed for the professionals and do-it-your-self painters are the cornerstones that keep Earle Paints at the forefront of Paint Retailers in Queensland.

Why you should choose Earle Paint place?

  • “Right Royal Service”

    It’s all about advice when it comes to painting.  From choosing your paint types, surface preparation, colours to suit your decor, mixing the right colours, application advice, brushes & accessories and even providing a list of approved painters if the job is too big.  We can even give you step by step guides for various projects.

  • Colour Scheming

    Undecided what colours best suit your decor?  A phone call is all it takes for one of the Earles Paint Place colour design specialists to come to your premises and help you create the ideal match and blend of colour.  This service started way back in 1949 when Ruby offered this unique service to local home owners.  This service is also freely available to all retail & commercial premises as well.

  • Our Team

    It doesn’t matter what you want to paint or protect, we have trade qualified professionals from all industries to give you first hand advice to do the job right the first time.