Guide on How to Paint Glass Splashbacks – 5 Easy Steps

Having a glass splashback makes a basin look more classy if you’ve ever noticed. We all want beautiful decor & doesn’t matter where it is. Don’t we?

If your basin water splashes back to the wall behind it, you’ll definitely need a splashback. We know the damage the water might cause to your wall.

Now, if you’re thinking of buying a splashback, there’s no need. Why buy a splashback when you can make one yourself? Yeah, you create a splashback yourself. Also, it’ll cost you way less than the ready-made one.

And we’ve also got a guide on how to paint glass splashbacks -we got your back, you’re at the right place.

How to Paint Glass Splashbacks

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Today we’ll take you step by step on the journey. Every detail that you need to know, you’ll find it right here. We’ll show how you’ll do it and tell you about the things that you’ll need to keep in mind while doing it.

But first, let’s see the things you’ll need.

Things You’ll Need

If you’re doing a DIY project, it’s most important to get the proper tools or materials that you need.

Quality materials and tools are your key if you want your project to last the longest. You wouldn’t want your DIY project to fail just because you were lazy or had cheap stuff.

Here’re the tools and materials that you’ll need:

How to Paint Glass Splashbacks

Photo From Canva

1. 6mm Glass Cutter

2. Rubbing Alcohol

3. Lint Free Paper Towel

4. Glass Paint

5. Catalyst

6. Mixing Cup

7. Paint Gun


How to Paint Glass Splashbacks (Step by Step)

How to Paint Glass Splashbacks

Photo From Canva

DIY projects like these might get ruined if you don’t follow the right steps to your goal. Also, it can be really confusing for you to at times.

To make it easy for you, we arranged some steps for you to paint your glass splashback. All you need to do is follow all the steps sequentially and you’ll be good to go.


Step 1: Place the Glass Splashback on a Surface

You can’t just spray the glass splashback wherever you want. There’s a high chance that you might even cause trouble with the paint as it’s permanent.

You wouldn’t be just coloring the glass, you might even destroy a beautiful floor or wall. So, you should find a surface that won’t be damaged to paint on.


Step 2: Clean the Glass

Grab your rubbing alcohol now, we’ve got some cleaning to do. Before you paint your glass, it’s important to clean the glass surface.

You see, there’s often dust on the glass if it’s kept untouched. You wouldn’t want the color to fade because of the dust.

So, make sure that you clean the glass surface with rubbing alcohol and a lint paper towel.


Step 3: Mix the Paint

You can’t just apply the paint directly on the glass. It wouldn’t stay put in that way. You’ll need to grab a mixing cup now.

You’ll need to pour 4 parts of paint first into the mixing cup. Then, grab the catalyst (ask us about what is best for your paint). You’ll need to pour 1 part of catalyst in the mixing cup and mix them thoroughly.

You might be wondering, why do you really need the catalyst. You see, the paint contains solvents that gradually evaporate from the paint and the paint dries. The paint stays soft, easily damaged, or dislodged.

To help reduce the curing time for glass paint, we need to add the catalyst. Helps the paint to be more stronger and increases the cure time.


Step 4: Ready the Paint Gun

After you’re done mixing the paint and the catalyst, you’ll need to apply it on the surface. But before that, you need to get your paint gun.

Pour the mixture of paint and catalyst into the paint gun through a paint strainer. You need to make sure that it doesn’t get sticky before you start your process. Mix well.


Step 5: Apply the Paint

Now, it’s time to paint. Make sure that your paint gun is ready. We recommend that you paint the glass with 4 coats. Why you ask?

4 layers will make your splashback a light blocker. No light shall pass the glass after you paint it. To make it possible, we need those 4 layers placed perfectly.

First Layer: First, we’d recommend you spray the coat in an even up and down motion. Then, let it dry for 5 minutes. You need the first layer to dry or else if you apply the second layer it’ll be a mess.

Second Layer: After the first layer has dried, get started on the second layer. Make sure that your first layer had dried nicely. Also, you’ll need to apply this coat side to side motion rather than up and down.

Third Layer: After the second layer is done, let it dry, and then apply the next layer. Just follow the first layer and apply the coat in an even and down motion.

Fourth Layer: Let the third layer dry and apply the fourth coat just like the second coat you’ve applied. Side to side motion is what you’ll need to follow.


Things to Keep in Mind

There’s always a question of safety when you’re doing any DIY project. There’re are certain things that you need to keep in mind when you’re working with a dangerous thing like glass.

1. Make sure to wear your safety gloves. Because you’re working with glass and it can be pretty dangerous. There’re many incidents of people harming themselves with glass. You don’t want ending up cutting yourself.

2.Paints are harmful chemicals. They might cause trouble to your eye. So, remember to wear your safety glasses.

3. Work cautiously. Glasses might break when you’re not cautious enough.

4. Don’t paint yourself while painting the glass splashback. Unless you really wanted it.


Bottom Line

So, now you know how to paint glass splashbacks on your own. You’re more than able to do it yourself than you know.

However, if anything goes wrong with your splashbacks, we are always one call away.

So, let’s start painting your glass splashback now.

Call us direct at Earles Paints on 07 4121 5202 for all the information you need and visit us : Earle Paint Place Maryborough.

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