How To Get Paint Off Ceiling in 5 Steps

Nothing screams “Makeover” more than painting your room! But going the DIY route has its own pitfalls. You may accidentally splatter paint on your ceiling or other walls.


Don’t get too worked up, it happens to the best of us. Good news? Fixing splattered paint is a piece of cake. At the end of this article, you’ll have a clear idea of how to get paint off ceiling.


From covering up your mistake to removing it completely, we’re going to show it all. Without further ado, let’s jump right in and check out our options.

Covering The Paint On The Ceiling

In case the paint splash on your ceiling isn’t large, covering the paint is a more viable option. It’s easy, takes no time, and is also cost-effective.


If you’re a beginner, then this option may be just right for you.


The splattered paint will blend in with the colour of the wall and it won’t catch your eye. Now you can stare at the ceiling and think about life- distraction free! Here are the painting tools and accessories you must have in hand before starting.

Things you’ll need

  • Paintbrush
  • Sponge
  • Primer
  • Paint (The same colour of your walls)


Step 1: Let the splatter of paint dry

If you find that the paint isn’t wet enough to be wiped away by cloth but hasn’t fully dried too, leave it alone.


This way after the paint has dried fully, you can analyse your damage and act accordingly.

Step 2: Apply Primer Over The Paint

Now take the primer and apply a thin layer over the paint splatter. You may use a sponge for this.


This is an absolute must if the unwanted paint is a darker colour than the ceiling. In short, we want to make sure that the primer covers the paint splatter.


This way it won’t peep through the topcoat. Also, don’t forget to let the primer dry for 3-4 hours before going on to the next step.

Step 3: Painting The Ceiling

After the primer has dried completely, take out your can of paint and paint away! Although this is a no brainer, make sure the paint matches perfectly with the previous paint used.


Even using two different shades of white can throw your efforts down the drain.


Let the paint dry and give yourself a pat for doing such a good job.


Removing The Paint From The Ceiling

How To Get Paint Off Ceiling

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This procedure takes a bit more time than covering the mistake. Yet, we’d say it’s well worth it. Removing the paint will require you to head out to the paint shop and buy a few extra supplies.


But it’s fairly easy once you know what to do.


In this post, we’re going to focus more on this method. Why?


Here’s the deal. Covering the paint is easier but removing the paint all together will give you a cleaner result.


Before we delve into all the tools you’ll need to remove the paint, here’s a nugget of wisdom.


Quick tip- If you smudge paint on your ceiling, grab a wet warm washcloth and wipe away the paint asap! So next time you paint, keep a wet rag nearby. You may save yourself from a LOT of trouble.


But in case your paint has dried, here are the tools you’ll need to remove it.

Tools you’ll need

  • Protective Gloves
  • Safety mask
  • Rag
  • Paintbrush
  • Putty Knife
  • Paint Remover
  • Borax/Acetone (Optional)


Step 1: Wear the Gear

How To Get Paint Off Ceiling

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Warning! You’re about to handle some pretty toxic stuff. Paint removers emit gases and can have a reaction if it comes in contact with your skin.


So handle such stuff with precaution. Make sure that the room has constant airflow and gear up before you approach the battlefield.


Step 2: Apply Paint Remover On A Rag

After you’ve geared up, it’s time to remove the blotch with our handy dandy remover. There are 2 ways to go about it depending on how much paint we should remove.


If the paint we’re removing is just a small splatter, then the job is easy.

Just apply some paint remover on a rag and gently wipe away the smudge.


You’ll find the paint coming off after a few scrubs. Make sure you’re not too harsh as we don’t want the previous paint to come off too. You’re good to go!


The work ends here for you. But in case the paint smudge is quite big and does not remove easily, keep reading.

Step 3: Soften The Layer Of Paint

If the damage is quite a bit, then the paint won’t come off that easily. In this case, we’ll need to first loosen up the paint.


Take a paintbrush and dip in the paint remover. Next, apply a layer of remover carefully over the paint smudge. Make sure to not use the remover on your previous wall paint.


Let the blotch soak up the remover and soften for 30-35 minutes.

Step 4: File Away The Paint

After the paint has been softened, gently scrape away the paint using a putty knife. Do this with a soft hand since we don’t want to leave a mark on the ceiling.


Moreover, cover the floor with a plastic sheet to catch all of the scraped paint.

If the paint still doesn’t come off, soak it again in the remover and repeat the step.

Step 5: Clean The Surface With Borax/Acetone

Last but not the least, Cleanup. To make your ceiling look as good as new, clean the surface of the wall with some Borax/Acetone.


For either of them, dilute it in water as per the instructions. Usually, this is 1 tablespoon for 4 liters of water.


This extra step may seem like overkill but will make your walls squeaky clean.

Bottom Line

That’s all from us. Depending on your time and needs, go for either of the methods.


We hope this post gave you a clear idea on how to get paint off ceiling.


Is there anything we missed? Let us know your favourite tips and tricks when it comes to removing paint.

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