How To Fix Spray Paint Crackle: Your One-Stop Guide

Think you’ve done a great job on that spray paint project only to find the paint crack?


Hold up! Before you consider the whole thing a failure, find out how to fix spray paint crackle.


If you find the task intimidating, we’re here to tell you otherwise. We’ll go over some of the most common reasons spray paint crackles, before diving into the steps.


So put your artist’s apron on and let’s jump right into it.

Why Does Spray Paint Crackle?

Now before we delve into how you can easily fix your cracked spray paint, let’s take a look at why spray paint crackles. This way, you can avoid such accidents in the future.


1.  Humidity or Moisture


One nugget of wisdom? Make sure your workstation has the perfect temperature. If it’s too hot and humid, the surface of the target object is going to be wet.


If you don’t ensure a dry surface, the spray paint will never stick well to the surface of whatever you’re about to paint. Moreover, there’s a high chance the paint may crackle.


So, what’s the optimum temperature?


10 to 32 degrees Celsius is the temperature you want to look out for. Moreover, make sure that the humidity is less than 85%.


2.  Thick layering of paint

Layer spray paint only after the first layer has dried completely. If you overspray at one go and keep adding layers of paint, be prepared for a fiasco.


When you overspray the paint on one area, you’re not allowing the layers of paint to adhere. This will give you an uneven application and also make your paint crackle.


Instead of going for heavy coats, go for multiple lighter coats. Although this may seem time-consuming, it’ll be worth the effort. We promise!



Keep these two factors in mind to make sure your paint never cracks. Moreover,  always clean the surface of whatever you’re painting well before you apply paint.



Things you’ll need

Now that you’ve read the reasons as to why paint may crackle, let’s get ready to fix that paint job. So take a look at the list and get your hands on all the items so that we can get started.


  • Sandpaper
  • Wet cloth
  • Paintbrush
  • Latex Primer or Spray Primer
  • Spray paint


Got everything you need? Let’s get into the steps so that we can get that paint job fixed.


How To Fix Spray Paint Crackle?

How To Fix Spray Paint Crackle

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Time to get handsy! Follow these simple steps we’ve put together for you.


Step 1 of 6: Buff Out The Crackled Parts


Take a piece of sandpaper and gently scrub away the uneven bits of paint. We’re looking to achieve a smooth surface. So, don’t rub too hard and scrape off all of the paint previously used.


You just want to get rid of the top crackle. Buff this off gently in small circular motions. This may take some time but the smoother your foundation is, the better your end result is going to look.


In other words, make sure you get every nook and cranny in case you’re painting a piece of furniture.


Step 2 of 6: Clean The Object

How To Fix Spray Paint Crackle

photos from canva

Once you’ve buffed away all the uneven bits, it’s time to clean. All that dust and powdered paint from the sanding is not going to let paint stick.



So take your paintbrush and dust away all of the loose dirt from the object.


If you want to go the extra mile, take a damp cloth and wipe the surface after dusting. This will make sure that there’s no trace of powdered paint left on the object.


Another thing! Chose to wipe the surface with a damp cloth? Make sure you let the object dry completely before going to the next step. This is an absolute must if you want your paint to not crackle further.




Step 3 of 6: Prime The Surface


Time to prime! Using a primer on the surface you’re about to paint will give you a smooth base. This also helps the paint stick better, without cracking.


After cleaning the object, pick your paintbrush, and take the primer of your choice.  Next, apply a thin layer of it on the object as evenly as possible.


Make sure you’re not tempted to apply another coat of primer before the first one dries. It’s okay if the first layer didn’t cover everything. The second layer will do the job.


After you’re done priming the object, make sure you wait at least 5-7 hours depending on where you leave the item to dry.


Step 4 of 6: Buff Again!


I know. This will be the last time. Sanding the primed surface gently will give you the smoothest possible base possible.


Now you may think that this is an extra step. But taking out a few extra minutes will make your paint last much longer.


Don’t forget to clean the surface afterward as previously mentioned.


Step 5 of 6: Apply The First Layer Of Paint


Take out your can of spray paint and apply your first coat of paint. This isn’t the time to make old mistakes, so make sure you go for a light coat.


The goal is to paint it as evenly as possible but don’t break a sweat if you miss a few spots. Allow the paint to sit for 3-5 hours and we’ll cover the rest in the next and final step.


Step 6 of 6: Apply The Final Coat

The moment of truth is here. Apply the last and final coat as lightly and evenly as possible. Aim for any patchy bits which weren’t covered by the first layer.


Let the paint dry for another few hours and you’re good to go. The crackled paint was never there! If you find out that there are a few remaining patches, don’t worry. It’s nothing a spritz of paint won’t fix.


Bottom Line

That’s about it from us. We hope this post gave you a clear picture of how to fix spray paint crackle.


By following these easy steps and keeping a few pointers in mind, you can say your byes to crackled paint.


Did you ever face this problem? Do you have any tips that we missed? Let us know in the comments below. Until then, keep your inner artist alive. We’re there to fix the mess.

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