So much of what we buy these days is mass-produced and quite often doesn’t last the test of time. Sometimes it is worth looking at an older piece of furniture to consider restoring or re-purposing it for something new.

With the popularity of retro and industrial style interior decor, and the appeal of owning something unique, traditional skills such as decorative painting, restoration, French polishing, carpentry, and upholstery are not lost.

It may be an old pine chest of drawers that could look fabulous in a bright colour with funky new handles. That old chair in your garage may become a feature when cleaned up and treated with a bit of love and care. Or perhaps that table lying on the side of the road could be re-purposed for a new use altogether.

The possibilities are endless. The key is to see the potential in making something old new again.


  • An old piece for furniture
  • One Rokset fine to medium sanding block
  • 500ml of New Look Primer, Sealer and Undercoat
  • 1 litre of New Look Acrylic Gloss Trim in your chosen colour
  • One 50mm wall brush or mini roller kit


Once you have chosen the piece of furniture for your make over, sand the piece back with medium to fine sandpaper, ensuring that any old paint or varnish has been removed. Remove all sanding dust with a damp cloth.

Paint one coat of white undercoat onto the piece. This prepares the surface for a painted finish.
Choose a bright colour from the ‘Vitality’ trend range.  Apply two coats of paint, leaving to dry for at least 12 hours between coats.

Remember, if you need some advice on choosing the right product, colour or technique to restore your furniture, stop by one of our Earle Paint Place stores for help

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