Free Inhome Colour Consultation

Colour with Confidence Using Our Free In-home Colour Consultation

Earles Paint Place inhome colour design

Belinda, a fourth generation Earle is our Maryborough store Manager. She worked with the owners of this new office to set a modern vibrant mood inside and out.

At Earle’s our team listen to you when looking at colour and try to work with your personality to give you a colour scheme that you can be confident with, so the end result is what you want.

We co-ordinate the colours in your home, analysing the dark corners that need light, the features that need to be pronounced, the walls that would suit best for feature walls and even how one room flows into another so the end result is a decorated room not a nightmare. We can recommend faux finishes for feature walls, ornaments, even furniture.

The colours in a room can change the mood of the people entering it. Cool colours like the greens are calming, while warm colours like ochre can give a warm feeling when entering.

Our staff look at all of this when giving you a personalised colour scheme for your home.

To book a colour scheme choose, go to our store locator page, and enter your details.