Everything you Need to Know on How to Paint a Door Frame

One fine day you decide that it’s finally time to repaint your entire house. It needs glam-up.


You have no trouble painting everything else but your hands stop when it reaches the door frame. Those places are tricky to work with, aren’t they, mate?


So, do you call a carpenter or do you attempt yourself? Well, you can do it yourself.


All you have to do is read our article to find out more about how to paint a door frame. Here, we’ll explain the process so that you can accomplish your goal in no time.


Enough chit-chat now. Why don’t we get started?

How to paint a door frame easily

How to Paint a Door Frame

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As promised we’ll walk you through the process of the painting door frame. But hold on there. Before we start diving into the main thing let’s talk about what you’ll need.


It’s always handy to gather up all the instruments you need. This way you won’t have to get up and search the entire house for the tools.


They’ll be right there in front of you. So, let’s see what these tools are, shall we?

Thing you need

How to Paint a Door Frame

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Here is a list of the things you’ll need. Gather them up so you can kick start the process.



  • Sand Paper
  • A piece of cloth
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush

Step 1- Clean the door frame.

How to Paint a Door Frame

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The first thing you have to do is clean the door frame thoroughly. This way your paint can be smoothly applied and you won’t have to worry about lumps being formed.


Feeling motivated to clean yet? Then go and grab a wet piece of cloth and rub it all over the frame. This will remove the dirt. Then take an extra step.


Which is using sandpaper to make the door frame even. This way the paint can be splashed across without a problem.


But make sure you sand the frame only after it has dried. Otherwise, it can turn into a mess.

Step 2- Protect the surrounding.

Once the door frames germ and dirt free you have to make attempts to safeguard the surroundings. To do this all you got to is use a painter’s tape.


You see, the painting process is a bit hard and you might not be a natural carpenter.


So, to achieve that perfect outline and to make sure you don’t destroy your walls use the tape. How do you use the tape? Simple, take the tape and stick it all around the edges.


On top of that, just swing open the door so that it does not get in the way of your painting process. Then your job is done.

Step 3- Pick out the right paint and brush.

How to Paint a Door Frame

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The painter’s tape will help you make a blank canvas. After that all you have to pick the right colour and brush to paint your art.


People don’t usually paint the door frame that often. You probably won’t either. So, make sure you choose a colour that you won’t regret.


At the same time be careful about the paintbrush. This will make your painting process easier. The best ones for this job are the angled brush.


And once you’re done picking these things out head over to the next step.

Step 4- Apply the first coat.

Take out your paintbrush because it’s time to do the main job.  That’s right you have to apply the paint now. Don’t be scared. It’s super easy.


All you have to do is take the paintbrush and dip it in the paint. Then you have to hold the brush at an angle and feather out the paint in the inner part of the frame.


Be sure to start with the top part first then go for the sidelines. At the same time work your way from the inner part to the outer part. This way your paint will be evenly spread.


But make sure you overline the layers by 0.5 to 1 inches. Otherwise, the paint will look too deep at places and the other parts will look ignored.


Don’t miss out the top section of the frame. At the same time be sure that you get every hook and nook.

Step 5- Wait for the coat to dry.

Done with the painting part, mate? Then give yourself some rest because you deserve it. That’s right, after a hefty few minutes of work you can go and relax.


In the meantime, the slow and steady breeze will dry off the paint. Yes, that’s right you won’t have to do anything in this step other than rest.


You might be wondering how long it’ll take to dry off. Well, sadly it varies from paint to paint. Generally, it takes about 1 to 4 hours to dry off.


But if you’re using a water-based paint it’ll take longer than that. It might even take a day. So, have some patience, mate!

Step 6- Apply a second coat.

Once the layer of paint has finally dried up you can get started with the last step. That’s applying one final coat of paint to seal the deal.


Do this exactly like the way you did the first time. And you’ll see that this time it will go much more smoothly and you’ll have a perfect finishing.


This is a trick that the professionals use. So, make sure you do it too to get that dream-like door frame you wanted.

To sum up

Yep, that’s it. Now you know how to paint a door frame yourself. So, just follow these steps and you’ll have an amazing door frame that’s freshly painted.


Sounds easy, doesn’t it. Well, it is. So, why don’t you get started? And after you’re done let us know how it turned out. We’ll love to get your feedback.

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Till then stay safe and have a good day. Hooroo!



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