img7 A few years ago, white walls were all the rage when decorating a home. The thought process was that white paint acts as a blank canvas, while also being a ‘safe option’. While all this is true, there is no need to be afraid of using colour as a backdrop in your home.

Even if you plan to use white or a lighter colour throughout the living zones, why not look at setting the main bedroom apart with a stronger colour? This is your space, a room for resting and sleeping. A great wall colour in the bedroom can create a beautiful atmosphere and really let your personality shine through.

If you are concerned that a strong wall colour will make your bedroom feel dark and enclosed, don’t be. With the right white for the architraves and doors, as well as great bed linen and accessories, the space will feel restful and very grown up. Remember, a darker colour can act as a great backdrop for everything else to ‘pop’.

Having trouble choosing the perfect moody charcoal or rich indigo? Give us a call if you are after some advice on how to achieve a “the” look for your bedroom.

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