Earle Paints Automotive


Keeping our cars, trucks, 4wds or motorbikes serviced is something that we all must do, if we want them to give us good service. The paint work is no different, if it is left too long between polishes the paint work becomes tired and needs to be re-coated.

We sell everything you need to do it yourself, from the sandpaper, discs, rust dissolver, under body paints, body filler and filling blades, right through the complete painting system, single-pack and two-pack to polishes and buffs. Spray guns, sanders, buffing machines, sandblasters, anything you can imagine that the professionals use we probably supplied it to them.

Small amounts of colours for all makes of cars are available for touching up stone chips and shopping trolley incidents, Earles can even put your colour into a spray pack.

Earle Paints have a list of preferred refinishers, panel-beaters, rust inhibitors contact us to get a professional to give you a quality finish for your car.

Earle Paints back up the work of their store by supplying Earles representatives to service the automotive customers.

Service vehicles are fitted out with stock and displays travel to the customers from Rainbow Beach, Maryborough, Hervey Bay, Bundaberg.  If you live within these boundaries and are in need of a supplier that stocks and knows the automotive industry contact us and we will look after you.

If you would like to know when your store is having an in store demo or would like to arrange one contact us and we will give you all the details.