How To Paint A Timber Paling Fence? The 2-phase Guide


Timber fencing or timber paling fencing is quite a traditional kind of fencing around Australian households. Not only does it provide a unique outlook to your street, but there are also a number of additional perks that you’d receive. However, today, we’re not concerned about how aesthetic these timber fences are. We’re rather shifting our focus
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How to Spray Two Pack Paint of Both Solid and Clear Kinds?

Introduction Not all spray paints are the same. By chemical formation, application, and usability, there are quite some differences to each other. On that note, the kind of spray paints we’re dealing at the moment is a two pack or 2K paint. Starting from painting automotive to home improvement chores like painting window frames and other joinery,
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Guide on How to Paint Glass Splashbacks – 5 Easy Steps


Having a glass splashback makes a basin look more classy if you’ve ever noticed. We all want beautiful decor & doesn’t matter where it is. Don’t we? If your basin water splashes back to the wall behind it, you’ll definitely need a splashback. We know the damage the water might cause to your wall. Now, if you’re
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How To Get Paint Off Tiles? 3 Actionable Methods


Call it an accidental splatter from a paint job or a mistake from your house painter- paint left on the ceramic tiles ruin the glaze of it. Like it or not you’ve to step up to get rid of the situation. But how to get paint off tiles without calling up for a paid service? Go through
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So much of what we buy these days is mass-produced and quite often doesn’t last the test of time. Sometimes it is worth looking at an older piece of furniture to consider restoring or re-purposing it for something new.

With the popularity of retro and industrial style interior decor, and the appeal of owning something unique, traditional skills such as decorative painting, restoration, French polishing, carpentry, and upholstery are not lost.

It may be an old pine chest of drawers that could look fabulous in a bright colour with funky new handles. That old chair in your garage may become a feature when cleaned up and treated with a bit of love and care. Or perhaps that table lying on the side of the road could be re-purposed for a new use altogether.

The possibilities are endless. The key is to see the potential in making something old new again.


  • An old piece for furniture
  • One Rokset fine to medium sanding block
  • 500ml of New Look Primer, Sealer and Undercoat
  • 1 litre of New Look Acrylic Gloss Trim in your chosen colour
  • One 50mm wall brush or mini roller kit


Once you have chosen the piece of furniture for your make over, sand the piece back with medium to fine sandpaper, ensuring that any old paint or varnish has been removed. Remove all sanding dust with a damp cloth.

Paint one coat of white undercoat onto the piece. This prepares the surface for a painted finish.
Choose a bright colour from the ‘Vitality’ trend range.  Apply two coats of paint, leaving to dry for at least 12 hours between coats.

Remember, if you need some advice on choosing the right product, colour or technique to restore your furniture, stop by one of our Earle Paint Place stores for help


img7 A few years ago, white walls were all the rage when decorating a home. The thought process was that white paint acts as a blank canvas, while also being a ‘safe option’. While all this is true, there is no need to be afraid of using colour as a backdrop in your home.

Even if you plan to use white or a lighter colour throughout the living zones, why not look at setting the main bedroom apart with a stronger colour? This is your space, a room for resting and sleeping. A great wall colour in the bedroom can create a beautiful atmosphere and really let your personality shine through.

If you are concerned that a strong wall colour will make your bedroom feel dark and enclosed, don’t be. With the right white for the architraves and doors, as well as great bed linen and accessories, the space will feel restful and very grown up. Remember, a darker colour can act as a great backdrop for everything else to ‘pop’.

Having trouble choosing the perfect moody charcoal or rich indigo? Give us a call if you are after some advice on how to achieve a “the” look for your bedroom.

There’s nothing quite like a Spring project

There’s nothing quite like a Spring project to revitalise your home with something new and totally unique to uplift your space.

Painting made easy. Adding fresh vitality to your home is so simple to achieve, and can be done in a very creative way with the furniture you already own, all in just one weekend with a can of paint.

Most of you will have seen beautiful images of old furniture being brought back to life with a lick of paint on the outside, but have you ever thought about the inside?

How marvellous it is to open up a cupboard or a drawer and find a pop of colour inside. An unexpected surprise and a sheer delight to discover. This is how to make both furniture and interiors memorable and completely unique.

The best news of all is that it’s so easy to re-create the look at home with your furniture. Adding the WOW to a humble old piece of furniture can take it to a whole other level. What’s more it’s totally affordable, sustainable and lots of fun to do.